Natural cosmetics

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Natural cosmetics is something we believe in, love and use every day.

Active ingredients from nature are what our natural cosmetics focus on the most.

In each of our production segments, we take care of sustainability in accordance with our motto:

"Simple, natural and ecological"

This means that our products do not contain synthetic colors, fragrances, silicones, micro-plastics, paraffin, sulfates, parabens or other synthetic additives.
Our natural cosmetics does not contain artificial preservatives.

What is the best natural cosmetics?

The best natural cosmetics is an individual thing, because different products work differently on different skin. What is certain is that natural cosmetics help and cannot cause unwanted effects.

Why homemade natural cosmetics?

By buying domestic products, you ensure that you know exactly who, where, when and how the products you use are produced. We are not a large corporation (nor do we want to be) and we give each product and each customer our full attention. It's something you can't get in big retail chains and foreign brands.
Let's buy local. 🙂

What ingredients do we use?

In addition to the usual vegetable oils and butters found in most natural cosmetics products, our natural cosmetics use medicinal herbs in order to enhance the effects of medicinal and active ingredients that affect the general health of our skin and our body.

Healthier and richer

Our skin has the ability to absorb certain substances, but it also serves as a "defensive wall" against harmful substances, protecting our organism. Various studies have shown that excessive and daily use of industrial products irritates and tires the skin because it fights with substances it does not want to absorb, which are found in industrial products. When using cosmetics, you should be guided by a simple rule:

If I can't eat it, I don't want it on my skin.

More effective over time

Many natural products are more effective than their industrial competitors because they do not contain unnecessary supplements and additives.
Although some industrial products work more efficiently after the first use, after a long period of time harmful substances accumulate on our skin, irritating and damaging it.
As in the race between the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise still wins in the end. 🙂

Why are our natural cosmetics different?

As manufacturers, we use our own products every day.
As natural cosmetics is a broad term and includes a wide range of products, we have decided to produce something that we will use ourselves and something that is of high quality. Natural skin care, natural hair care, natural deodorants and lip balms, natural creams and natural baby care products is something that we have focused on and that we need every day.
And probably you too. 🙂

Look at the offer of all our natural cosmetics products and make yourself and your skin happy.

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