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Flora - Lavender - Face serum combines luxury and nature. With 100% natural ingredients, including dried lavender flowers, unrefined olive oil and grape seed oil, this serum offers gentleness to the skin and soul. Vegan, handmade and not tested on animals, it guarantees top quality.

The serum has a variety of uses - from a natural face serum to an oil for hair or beard care. Experience relaxation and harmony with the heart-wrenching scent of lavender, providing holistic well-being and long-lasting care from the heart of nature.

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Flora - Lavender - Face serum
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vegan iconUsed for:
Face serum and skin and hair care product.

Before use keep it in dry and cold place in original packaging.
Naneti nekoliko kapi na suve delove kože ili kose.

– Dried lavender flowers
– Unrefined olive oil
– Unrefined grape seed oil

Net weight: 50 ml

✔ 100% natural
✔ vegan
✔ premium quality
✔ handmade
✔ not tested on animals

Experience complete harmony with our organic lavender oil, created especially for people like you – people who value holistic well-being, sustainability and premium quality. Our formula is perfect for your skin and soul, providing a lasting feeling of relaxation and stress reduction. Selected with care and devotion to nature, our organic lavender produces a fragrance that will win your heart.

Enter the world of organic beauty where quality meets sustainability. We create all our products with passion for the ecological values ​​we share with you. With clear ingredient information, our story of transparency and responsibility accompanies every product. Your search for natural and luxurious products ends here. Discover our exclusive offer and refresh your beauty routine with products that not only protect your skin but also our planet.

What is lavender serum and lavender oil used for?

Flora - Lavender - Skin serum is a unique product for the reason that it has multiple and wide applications.
It can be used as:

  • natural face serum
  • natural anti-pimple serum
  • natural makeup remover oil
  • natural repellent against mosquitoes and insects
  • against irritations and redness on the skin
  • as an antiseptic for burns or insect bites
  • as an aromatherapeutic agent for relaxation
  • as a natural hair or beard care oil

Kako se koristi lavandin serum za lice?

You can use lavender oil for various purposes: for skin care and facial care, especially around the eyes, to calm irritations and redness on the skin or as a first aid for burns or insect bites, then for hair care or as beard oil. You can even use lavender oil in your diet as an addition to salads.
Drip a few drops of lavender oil and rub it on the desired place and let the skin absorb. Repeat the process as needed.

You can read more about lavender and lavender oil in our lavender guide.


What else should you know about lavender oil?

With all these benefits that Lavender - Face Serum provides, it is important to emphasize that this product is produced using careful and traditional methods, with special attention paid to each step of the process. All ingredients are carefully selected in order to achieve the highest quality standard, and each bottle of this serum carries with it a combination of tradition, naturalness and modern care.

Lavender oil, which is the key ingredient in this serum, is known for its soothing and antiseptic properties. Dried lavender flowers add a gentle and natural fragrance to the product, making every moment of using this serum an experience for all the senses.

The versatile application of this serum allows it to become your faithful ally in daily skin and hair care. Regardless of whether you want to achieve impeccably hydrated facial skin, get rid of unwanted pimples or enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender, this serum has the answer to all your needs.

Additionally, due to its 100% natural and vegan formula, this product is not only good for your skin, but also for the planet. Without animal testing and with carefully selected ingredients, Lavender - Face Serum is a reflection of commitment to an ethical approach in the world of beauty care.

Make your skin care routine an experience of relaxation and luxury with this premium product that delivers the freshness of lavender in every drop. With Flora - Lavender - Face Serum, feel the harmony of nature on your face and hair, providing them with care that comes directly from the heart of nature.

Weight50 g

with a pipette, with a dropper

17 reviews for Flora – Lavanda – Serum za lice

  1. Miljana K. (verified owner)

    Posebno me obradovao ovaj proizvod iz vase radionice. 🙂 Prezadovoljna kvalitetom!

  2. Biljana (verified owner)

    Slucajno sam se ispekla na peglu.
    Ulje mi je istog momenta pomoglo.

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  11. Ivana Milenković (verified owner)

    Odlicno 👌

  12. Jovana B. (verified owner)

  13. Anonimno (verified owner)

  14. Nataša R. (verified owner)

    Imam suvu kožu i ovo ulje je lepo hidrira. Miris lavande je toliko umirujući perfektna nota za korišćenje pre spavanja i benifit glatke hidrirane kože 🙂

  15. Marina S. (verified owner)

  16. Anonimno (verified owner)

  17. Tamara (verified owner)

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