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Our natural soaps and scented soaps are made from natural ingredients and do not contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, or colors. Natural soaps are crafted from unrefined and cold-pressed plant oils and butters, created by hand in controlled conditions and small batches.

Scented soaps have earned their name because they contain a high percentage of pure essential oils with healing properties. They have a beneficial effect on the skin and can be used in aromatherapy.

All the soaps in our range are made using a technique called the cold process of saponification, where plant oils retain their quality and active ingredients. This way, the natural glycerin that occurs in the saponification process remains within the soap, which is not the case with conventional industrial soaps.

The ingredients used in the production of our natural soaps are carefully selected to ideally and effectively cleanse, refresh, nurture, and protect the skin. They have a beneficial effect on sensitive and problematic skin and are safe for use in babies, children, and pregnant individuals. They are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans.

Regular use of our natural and scented soaps contributes to maintaining skin health in a completely natural way. After use, you will notice that the skin remains clean, hydrated, and soft.

For a detailed description, ingredients, and purpose, please refer to the product description of each item.

How our natural soaps are made can be found in the following text: Natural soaps. How it's made?

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