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Lavender in the pot? How?

Lavender is one the favorites of every gardener or person who is in love with the flowers. There is a very good reason why small number of people can resist to lavender's charm.

Lavender color and scent will drastically inrich every garden or park and also can be used as very attractive home decoration even when it's dried.

Unfortunetelly lavender cannot live everywhere and there are regions who don't have a privillegies to grow this plant.

Fortunetelly enough in the past years there is a proof that lavender can be grown in most of the regions, due to global warming.

If you live in the region where winters are extremely cold or soil is not right for growing lavender, you can always plant it in the pot and enjoy it's beautifil scent in comfort of your home or ballcony.

How to plant lavender in the pot?
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lavanda seme

Lavender can be grown in the pot with using clones or from seeds.

If you want to grow your lavnder from seeds, you need to plant few seeds in the top layer of the sandy soild and cover with thin layer of prelitte.. Lagano zalijte i ostavite da stoji na svetlom mestu. Seme lavande bi trebalo da proklija nakon 2-3 nedelje, više detalja o ovom procesu pronađite u narednom poglavlju.

If you want to grow your lavender with using clones, you need to get clones from healthy plant. Clones should be taken from young twig with a few leaves.

After that you can add hormon for reproduction and plant your clone to watered sandy soil.

Whever you decide to plant and start growing your lavender, it's imporant to know that lavender doesn't like and doesn't need a lot of watering. Because of that when you choose your type of pot, choose one with hole for drainage.

Even better, if you can choose pot with a lot of holes for better moisture drainage. Also if you want you can choose one with the plate below the pot.

For soil, choose mixture of regular soil and sand.
Ideally soil should have pH value of 7 and it should contain magnesium, calcium and natrium.
Simple trick to control pH value of soil, is to put a spoon of lime juice to obtain the correct acidity of the soil.

Lavender growing in the pot is basically a job which asks for keeping correct temperature, access of light and level of moisture. Happily it's not to hard job to do.

Put your lavender pot somewhere where it will gain a regular sunlight and water it from time to time. Allow a top layer of soil to completely draing between watering.

Lavender loves hot temperatures and some of the lavender types will not survive against cold winter.
Advantage of keeping your lavender in the pot is that when the bad weather is going on, you always can move your lavender to some other place which will keep it warm.

In the period of the year when outside temperate becomes low, move your lavender inside and keep it near the window to allow it to gain some sunlight.

lavanda reznica

Seme lavande - kako posejati lavandu?

Razmnožavanje lavande iz semena:

  1. Priprema: Nabavite kvalitetno seme lavande i pripremite saksiju s dobrom drenažom.
  2. Sejanje: Seme lagano pritisnite u vlažan supstrat, prekrijte ga i redovno zalijevajte.
  3. Položaj i nega: Postavite saksiju na sunčano mesto, osigurajte dobru cirkulaciju vazduha i redovno uklanjajte suve listove.
  4. Presađivanje: Kada sadnice narastu dovoljno, presadite ih u veće posude ili na otvoreno.

Prateći ove korake, možete uspešno uzgajati lavandu iz semena i uživati u prekrasnom cvetanju i mirisu ove prelepe biljke.

What do you need to know?

Lavender is very versitile plant and there are a lot of differnt types of lavender which mostly naturally frow in the North Africa or Medditerrane.

Even thoght there is a lot of different types of lavender, they all have some characteritics in common.
Scent, beatiful look and very simple way of growing and care.

Most common types of lavender is English lavender or Lavandula Angustifolia or true lavender.

As we know so far, lavander is most known for it's scent and aroma, but also lavender can be used in the kitchen while cooking your favorite meal. It can be used for making cakes and sweets, natural tea and as a addition to exotic cocktails as well as a natural ingredient in natural cosmetics.

Traditionally, lavender is used in medice and aromatheray since it's scent makes our health better. Lavender is used for taking care of anxiety, insomnia, headache, acnes and skin issues.

Which type of lavender is for you?

When you think of type of lavender for your garden or park, first you need to think about the climate and weather in your living region.

As we said before, there are a lot of different types of lavender, but there is four types of lavender which can be grown in home environement more easily.

  • English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

    At the beginning the season, it produces small purple flower against the green branches. It can survive against cold weather if temperature doesn't go below 20° C.

    Main characteristics of it is strong and very pleasent scent.

  • French lavender (Lavandula dentata)

    This type of lavender is great for warmer regions with gentle winters. It has sharp leaves and not so strong scent comparing to English lavender. It is great for stone gardens and pots with good drainage. Plant it in soil that contains small rocks and place it somewhere where it can get a lot of daylight.

  • Lavandin (Lavandula x Intermedia)

    Lavandin is hybrid type of lavender and it blooms later during the season. Also it contains a lot of essential oil and strong scent. It grows quickly and some of most popular lavandins are Grosso and Provence.

  • Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas)

    If you decide for this type of lavender it will ive you big bush with silver leaves and big flowers. Flowers are especially nice during the season. This type of lavender has a good resistance to mostuire comparing to other types of lavender.
lavanda grosso
lavanda giant 1

How to choose the right pot?

Lavender is great for growing in pot. It can grow up to 30 - 50 cm in height, if you choose correct type of soil and provide it with good conditions.

It is imporant to choose correct type of pot with good drainage.
If you can choose as big pot as you can, since your lavender will grow fast. Lavender needs regular watering but it doesn't need a lot of it. Keep in mind that you need to leave soil to drain completely before another watering.

If you want to keep your lavender inside the house, choose pot with plate.

Choose place for your lavender where it will get a lot of sunlight so it can grow faster.

If you cannot find the place in your house where there is a lot of sunlight, you can always use LED lamp to provide it with light.

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How to trim your lavender?

If you want to trim your lavender, the best period for that is in may, june or july. If you want to make your lavender grow faster, do this every year.

Lavander gets fully grown after third or fourth year of life. In that period it will bless you with hounders of flowers each year.

If you keep your lavender safe and in good conditions it will live even more then 10 years.

Trimming of lavender is best to do in the morning where there is no a lot of sunlight. This conditions are imporant because of concentration of essential oils inside flowers.

If you want to prune your lavender the right way, you will need:

  • Sharp gardening scissors
  • Rope
  • Place where you will put trimmed flowers

Trim more branches at once and cut them below where branch is starting to produce leaves.

It's not necessery to cut branch down to root, because it can damage the plant.

When you collect enough flowers you can put them together and stick with the rope. When you want to place them for drying, remember to turn it up side down.

Ideally keep your lavender at dark place with good ventialation. This way lavender will dry more quickly and it will keep the most of essential oils inside the flowers.

Keep lavender for a week so that all moisture can vapour out.

After drying there a lot of things that you can do with lavender flowers.

lavanda orezivanje

How to dry your lavender?

Why we dry lavender?
There are a lot of things that we can do with dried lavender flowers. Dried lavender can keep original scent for months. Lavender oil.


Dried lavender flowers can be used for home decoration.

Lavender tea

Dried lavender flowers can be used for making natural tea.
Put small spoon of dried lavender flowers in 2 dcl of hot water and leave it for couple of hours.

Lavender tea koristi se u protiv umora, nesanice i za opuštanje.

Lavender tea is not recommended to pregnant women.

Lavender bags

Dried lavender flowers can be placed inside small bags or can be used to filled up a pillow for better sleeping.

Bath salts

Lavender flowers also can be used for making simple bath salts that you can use for bath before sleep.

You will need:

  • 2 cups of sea salt
  • 1 cup of epsom salt
  • 1 cup of oat flakes
  • 1 spoon of dried lavender flowers
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil

All ingredients mix together and put it in glass jar. Leave it a few days to dry it out. After that you can use it for spa sensation at your home.


Lavender is famous for it's antibacterial properties. This characteristics can be used for makin spray for desinfection.

You will need:

Mix everything together and put it in glass bottle. Before use mix it up and use it as a simple product for desinfection.

lavanda susenje

Lavender growing tips

Each sort of lavender asks for soil which doesn't keep moisture, especially in cold winter seasons. To make sure that you lavender has a good drainage, plant your lavender in soil with is mixed with small rocks and stones or sand.

As your lavender gets old, it's branches will start to get woody. At that moment, you will need to trim your lavender to half of it's size. That way next year lavender will start growing new branches which will additionally extend it life. If you don't trim your lavender every season, it can happen that lavender bush grows so big that it will form hole in the middle, which doesn't look great.

In the summer you can cut lavender flowers which left over after the blooming season.

If you want to help your lavender to grow regualary, pay attention to these few things:

  • Check pH value of the soil from time to time. If soil is has too much acidity, it could hurt the plant.

  • Don't water too much. You will need extent amount of water only when you plant the lavender. After that keep watering balanced to prevent root rothing. Also too much water can hurt the plant and form some diseases on the root.
Lavender oil
Lavender oil
Flora - Lavender - Face serum
Lavandin serum


Growing lavender inside the pot is not too hard if you provide soil with good pH value and pot with good drainage.

We mentioned few types of lavender that you can choose depending in with area you live, as well as some tips and tricks how to make your lavender big and beatiful. Apply this tricks to enjoy in all benefits that lavender can provide to you.

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