Mini Eco Glow – Akacija – mirisna sveća

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Used for:
Arometherapy and home decor

Before use keep it in original packaging.
Keep it away from children and pets.
Lighten candle keep in eye-sight.

- 100% soy wax
– Eterično ulje belog bagrema
– Drvena fitilj

– Staklena teglica sa poklopcem

Net weight: 90g
Burning time: 20+ sati

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Mini Eco Glow Akacija je unikatna mirisna sveća ukrašena sa suvim svećem i granulama himalajske soli, napravljena od 100% prirodnog sojinog voska. Miris ove sveće opisaćemo kao zavodljivi miris belog bagrema.

Soy candles are much safer and healthier than regular candles made from paraffin wax.
They are made from plant-based wax that does not contain carcinogenic particles and does not emit smoke when burned.
They are safe to use in spaces where pregnant women and children are present.

Soy wax is biodegradable and does not have a negative impact on the environment.
Since soy candles are made exclusively from plant-based ingredients, they are suitable for vegans.
The burning time is also much longer compared to regular candles.
After use, you can repurpose the packaging as wax residue is easy to remove.

NAPOMENA: Svaki primerak je unikatan, ukoliko imate posebne želje oko boja ili modela, dodajte napomenu prilikom porudžbine.

Net weight: 90 g
Burning time: 20+ sati

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